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An interview is a structured conversation between two or more people, typically between an interviewer and a candidate. The primary purpose of an interview is to obtain information from the candidate or assess their suitability for a job or position.

We are structured interview platform

Tap Once

All candidates appear for same questions in the same order

Avoid the
risk of

Take the Hiring Manager X times back in time per hire

Become a Better Team, Together.

structured interview platform

Approach Candidates 

structured interview platform
structured interview platform

11:30 - Cultural Fit Round

Rose and Bill

structured interview platform

16:30 - Technical Review         

Rose and Bill

Take An Interview 

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Common Rating Scale

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 9.24.41 AM.png
Recruitment - Board view_2x.png

Applicants Tracking System

per hire

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